Many parents wonder when their child should begin orthodontic treatment. Dr. Trent Savage will monitor your child’s oral growth and development to determine when they should meet with an orthodontist for their initial screening. To schedule an appointment with our experienced dentist and learn more about orthodontic screening in Edinburg, Texas, call Agua Dental today at 956-380-2482.

The American Association of Orthodontists® (AAO) recommends that children receive their initial orthodontic screening by age 7. At age 7, your child will be developed enough that any problems will be apparent and the orthodontist will be able to determine if treatment is needed and when it should begin. This early evaluation and treatment helps detect and correct problems before they become more serious.

At each of your child’s regular dental visits, Dr. Savage will check their teeth and mouth to make sure they are growing and developing properly. This may include taking X-rays as well as performing regular examinations. If we believe that your child needs to meet with an orthodontist, we will refer you to a trusted specialist so that your child can receive their screening and find out if orthodontic treatment is needed.

We welcome you to call our office for more information about orthodontic screenings and schedule your appointment with our caring dentist and team.